2013 Race Results

1Kevin Liao Sacramento, CA2117:275:37/M
2Steve HussyRancho Cordova, CA4717:455:43/M
3Albert HwangSacramento, CA3418:405:45/M
4Robert WilliamsRocklin, CA1418:485:48/M
5Rylee Bowen
Sanat Rosa, CA1418:355:59/M
6Joe ViglienzoniElk Grove, CA 2518:456:03/M
7Mathew PimentelSacramento, CA1819:036:08/M
8Isabella FauriaRoseville, CA1118:436:18/M
9Jonathan FongSacramento, CA3019:376:19/M
10Kate Bowen Santa Rosa, CA1219:446:22/M
11Darren Yee West Sacramento, CA3620:156:31/M
12Carlos JoraSacramento, CA4620:416:40/M
13Eric NortonSacramento, CA4421:016:46/M
14Mathew DeGuzman Sacramento, CA1521:146:50/M
15Alize HartkeRoseville, CA1321:156:51/M
16Jack LambertSacramento, CA2321:246:54/M
17Edward OlkowskiSacramento, CA4321:336:57/M
18Chris GilbertRancho Cordova, CA4321:346:57/M
19Neil GullicksonCool, CA4021:356:57/M
20Erik Supnet
Rocklin, CA3921:396:59/M
21David Nguyen
Sacramento, CA1421:426:59/M
22Michael FarmerSacramento, CA4021:437:00/M
23Samantha LawlerCitrus Heights, CA3221:447:00/M
24Todd GramesVacaville, CA5221:567:04/M
25Satoshi OkunoSacramento, CA5121:567:05/M

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